The begining

Such excited happy smiling faces greeted me when I got home from work..

Rob, My Greenman, with a beaming smile that stretched from ear to ear and the 3 Witchling brothers giggling like little girls.. girls? Where did all these giggling girls come from!? I love coming home to my brood of lads.. they never fail to amaze me every day with the amount of love that exudes from them and of course each a humorous personality of their own. But tonight night was different.. These were not the up-to-no-good-sneaky giggles.. these were exciting bounce up and down with loads of hugs in between giggles!

Then realisation hit me… Has it happened?? Oh my gosh.. It’s finally happened!!!!
A place that is ours and not rented..
Yes all has been approved and granted..
We will be moving into our very own slice of heaven
The Pagan Cottage”…

Nestled on the banks of a little stream at the base of “my forest” is where you are going to find Rob, My Greenman and I very busy turning this little house into our home.

A little on run down side, which we love, with no veggie garden or herbs to speak of.. we will be starting from “scratch” – just so exciting!

Come join us as we start from the beginning…
Life, family and homesteading all under South Africa Skies!

Peace, love & Light )O(


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