And there was light

We have had days and days of gloomy skies and unrelenting rain..

Soooo…. not typical of our South African summer weather. It got to a point yesterday were there was talk of floods *gasp* and others felt that we might just have snow for Beltane!!

(Now wouldn’t that be something? Snow in summer, in South Africa, in December!!! )

Days of views like this from our kitchen window…

Warm cups of tea.

Then the rain would hold out for a few hours and Mr sun would try very hard to grace us with his presence… but alas no….

The Witchlings eventually went a little on the crazy side… And that is when I found silly selfies on my phone’s camera.. like this… *chuckle*.

And with the 3 Witchings stuck inside you can just imagine how tempers eventually started to flare.. So I quickly whipped up a batch of our Cheerful & Creative playdough.. and yes it did help!

Then just as I started to despair and think that we would never see the light of day again!!

We awoke to clear skies……

And glorious Mr Vitamin Sun!

Peace, love & light )O(


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