Lawns, parties and afternoons

Mowing lawns… First co-ed party… A road trip… And lazy early evenings…The basics of what our weekend entailed.. A long weekend, that is as our Monday was a “public holiday” remembering our South African Day of Reconciliation.

Clearing the camera and phone.. here is our weekend in a nutshell… in pictures


Learning to mow the lawn was the plan for Saturday….


Our youngest of the Witchlings decided that today was the day that he would “learn” to cut grass!


It’s a step-by-step process with My Greenman right beside him all the way!

Check out the red-neck and sleeved tan!! That’s the sign of a man that does alot of work out in the open…

I will have to get out the Sun soother and spray him down *wink*Pietermaritzburg-20131214-03881

While the lawn was being mowed… Witchling Joshua was attending his first ever Co-ed birthday party… ever… The nerves were frazzled before he left…


But from the looks of things…. frazzled nerves were the thing of the past….


More cutting of the lawn…. it could take awhile… slowly does it.


The 3 musketeers seem to be doing just fine…

While at the cottage…


Our Garren is getting the run down on how to mow in a straight line…


Yip… it looks like our Josh is still having a ball….


Meanwhile at the cottage… we are still slaving away…

(You see that sexy boep… that has taken us years of dedicated attention to good food and cold beer!)

Check out the blurry eldest Witchling in the background with the wheel barrow!!

Yip we all are busy… busy… busy….

Oh and just in case you wondering what the Witchy Mama does…

Besides taking photos… *wink*…


Yip… magickal baking… See I do keep busy too *chuckle*..

And while the baking and the mowing is very much the business of the cottage…


Our Josh is strutting his thang with the besties…

Rian on the right and Lukey just behind…


A first attempt at Soda Bread…. We thought “breaking bread” for our Day of Reconciliation would be a little symbolic of what the day represents for our country. And of course the Witchlings and My Greenman loved it!!

Homemade yummy aromas wafting through the house!

Freshly cut grass on the outside and warm delicious bakes on the inside!


Then it was road tripping time… A phone-call made by the youngest Witchling to his Oumie and Oupie early in the morning sealed the plans for a trip out of town..

(Oumie = Granny & Oupie = Grandpa in South Africa!)


Our view along the way…



Oh and then one of these too…


Selfie-pics… they are a frequent find on the varies media equipment that we have *chuckle*..


Yes… and while we are still busy doing our thang…

Witchling Joshua and friends are doing their’s…..

A busy weekend.. I tell ya!

So now with the Witchling away from the cottage for the rest of the week. Our Josh gallivanting the country side with the rest of the musketeers… And… Tristan hiding out in his cave catching up on sleep and whatever else he does in there while he waits for the next load of friends to arrive at the cottage…

It’s time for My Greenman and I to take a break….

And usually…

When supper is done and dishes packed nicely in the dishwasher..

Our end of day looks A LOT like this…


oh.. excuse the lampshade… It’s also had a looong weekend *wink*…

Have a beautifully blessed new week….

PS… thank you to Rian’s Mum Tash for the photos of the party!

Peace, love & light )O(

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