Meet the zulus

Our spring chicken adventure was supposed to start in spring.
Yeah, I hear you saying “Hold on a minute.. Aren’t we half way through Summer??”


Yes friends, we are ~ I know, but sometimes we just gotta roll with the punches and when certain adventures don’t go according to plan we have to know that everything happens for a reason… Right?


Sometimes life just doesn’t pan out the way you thought it would.

The initial super exciting plan.. Just 3 or 4 laying hens.. That’s all… Right??


Then there was the saddest news that chickens just may not be a happening thing this year for the cottage..


Yes there was despair…

But hey isn’t that life saying hang on a minute, I have something even better just around the corner for you!

You just gotta be a little more patient…

I just couldn’t see that “something even better just around the corner” and patience is not one of my strongest points!

And then life said..

“Hey you, I got you 1 Mama Hen and 4 peelings instead!”


Oh The JOY!!

Meet our gorgeous new Zulu Flock.


Naming them took some time, as I decided that being new members to the family the Witchlings could get first dibbs on names and of course choose their very own peepling from the flock. Another problem we had with names is that besides Mama we have no idea just what gender the peeplings are!

It sure is going to be a surprise…

Here are their names!

1. Mama Zulu aka Mavis

2. Nugget (named by My Greenman.)

3. Gizmo (named by Witchling Joshua.)

4. Pookaloo (named by Witchling Garren.)

5. Tikka (named by Witchling Tristan.)

Such excitement I tell you…

Now to get the hang of taking photo’s of the ever moving flock…

Peace, love & light )O(


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