Morning Glory?

The debate about the name of these gorgeous white flowers… has finally come to an end…

Many said… White Morning Glory…

Close look-a-like…. but really these ones only open in the early evening….

Rob swore blind it couldn’t possibly be Moon Flowers….

But special people, It is…. beautiful Moon flowers…….

I love them…. *sigh*

The other evening while Rob was watering the veggie garden, I stood with wine glass in hand chatting to him about the day and him to me about his day..

While the younger boys were calling catchers around the backyard….

When a bud from the vines caught my eye… it was moving!!!

I kept interrupting Rob’s story to ask if he had seen it too…

To which he scoffed and laughed at me and said

“That’s enough of the wine for you.. babe!”..

and carried on with whatever it was that he was saying…

“blah… blahh.. blaahh..”

And then it happened again….

I literally had to take the man by the hairs on his chest (he never wears a shirt at home!) and make him look…..

He stood for a little just to humour me…

(or may-be ’cause I had his chest hairs in my hand?! Either way he was finally paying attention )

And just as he was about to say something…

It moved again…. This time he noticed too…

Within a few minutes…. the little bud on the vine had opened up to the most beautiful flower I have ever seen…..

Take a peek…

Angie xxx


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