A Random Act Of Kindness

Although this has nothing to do with our blog and home, I just couldn’t help but post a little on what I and the work colleagues have been up to this week!

*gasp* “You have an actual paying job” I hear you say..

Yes people, funding our abode takes moola… You know the type of rectangular pieces of papers and coins that feed, clothe and house the inhabitants of a home… Yes that one!

The dream we have is that one day we will be self-sustainable and that Rob and myself can just work our land and raise our own food…. *sigh*… *dream* ….

BUT… until then, it’s grind stone work through the week and cottage building every evening and all through weekends.

So with that being said (and before I go off on a tangent again) back to post on hand.

Yes, this week….. has been exhilaratingly brilliantly awesomestness and so fantastical!!

(yes these are words.. ’cause I can say them and use them at will).

Our work team was nominated by our “sister” company on Tuesday to complete a #RAKnomination… Nope you didn’t hear wrong.. #RAKnomination… NOT #NEKnomination!! Really, I personally do not see what all the hype over this #NEKnomination thing is all about… Silly viral videos of people nominating people to drink! Don’t get me wrong, I like my glass of vino (or two) almost better than the next person (yeah, you know it) BUT really, is there nothing better you can do with your time?

That is why when we heard RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS all ears perked and eyes started glistening…. That’s more like it – right?

So with 48 hours to “Pay It Forward” the team had to get it all together and what other better place to spread some love to than our very own Ithemba Projects.

I was truly blessed to spend the day helping the awesome people of Mpumuza Community just outside our little town. Cause really for me that was what this was all about.. Helping the people! And when do I get another chance like this again??

While driving through the rural community we passed a school. A little house that seemed to be bursting at the seams with pupils ready and eager to learn! The little house could not hold all the children so there were many that were standing around the outside of the house peering through the windows and the doors to hear what teacher was teaching!!! Really??? This is how the children are learning?? And they still come??? AND what if it rains?? And Winter – how do they do Winter?? I ask aloud… never mind the million and one other questions reeling through my tiny little head!

I will never complain about The boy’s school again!

Our first stop….. handing out work overalls and gumboots with all the rest of the attire to the construction workers on site building another school for the children of their community.

From there… a little further down more winding roads and a little deeper into the community to Shayamoya Mbubu Creche….

A little day care center for all the little-ies of the community.

Oh Joy….. What beautiful little blessings!!

We spent most of our time here and it was amazing.

With what little time we had to prepare and with just a few brushes and paint that we could get together we tried very hard to take an ordinary slightly run down house and add some bright colours to it for the children!

Of course we didn’t go empty handed! We bought along an array of delicious party snacks to have with the small ones too! And clothes to work in for the day care teachers.

Oh if we had more time in the day….

I was exhausted by the end of it.. A wonderfully exhilarated exhaustedness..

We had set out to perform just a little act of kindness for those who were in need and from all of our responses at the end of the day ~ We received so much more out of it!

Who would have thought?

I got this little empty feeling inside of me today. One of those feelings I just will not be able to ignore.

Who knows… just maybe there will be a few more posts just like this in the future!

Angie xxx


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