As the seasons change

Greenman’s birthday gathering was a huge success….

Blessed with magickal friends, we feasted and drank sweet nectar of the gods. Warm enlightening whispers of friendship around the fire, that provided all of us with our nourishing food, ended the gathering for a day that was filled with warm beautiful rays of sunshine and clear cool star filled sky into the evening…

But as in all things there is balance… Today the sky is blanketed with shades of grey, a promise of rain? Perfect…..
Perfect weather to wind down after the buzz and excitement of yesterday. Perfect to re-balance oneself.

I thought about starting a new knitted garment… Yes, I did … But I think today will be a little different.
Opening my armoire I couldn’t help but feel a little pull to a special novel I keep for days just like this…. And perfect timing too, I might add.

While the rest of our special friends up north are preparing for Beltane the rest of us down yonder are readying ourselves for Samhain….. The beginning of the Dark half of the year.

Veil between Worlds by author Sally Dubats is perfect!!!!
Sally is my dearest magickal friend from across the miles and author of The Grimoire Chronicles. If you haven’t read any of her books, you are so very sorely missing out my dear friends.
Not only does she write beautiful novels about our craft, but she has also published Natural Magick: The Essential Witch’s Grimoire. Everything you need to know right in one beautiful book!!

If you are looking for just that – hop on your magickal broom and head on over to Sally Dubats – Witch Author… And while you there please tell her we send bright blessings from The Pagan Cottage


Ok… so enough with my ramblings… I have an eldest witchling waiting ever so patiently for his turn to have a read.
My Jasmin tea has steeped enough. Its time to curl up on the couch, sip deeply on my brew, and watch as the magickal words read on the page come to life!

Have a beautifully blessed day of the Sun precious friends.

Peace, Love & Light )O(


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