Magick in the mundane chore

The quiet of the cool early morning is my special time.

As the rest of our home still slumbers, I go about my early morning chores and peaceful plan the day ahead. Ok, so chores are taking a little longer than normal as I took a tumble down a few stairs and hurt my already weak ankle! But, if I sit back and really think about it… It’s a sign to slow things down, take in the beauty around me. Add purpose to my daily happenings… purpose to my chores.

I hear you laugh… but it’s true

I believe all things done… including “mundane-chores” holds a purpose, holds magick.

For those who follow the phases of the moon, blessings to you and yours on this New Moon…. New beginnings… A time to breathe in deeply and move into a calmer state of mind, in this calmness I see life a little more clearly and start to see the endless possibilities

New Moon on the eve of Samhain absolutely perfect don’t you think?

“By knot of one the spells begun, by knot of two it cometh true, by knot of three so mote it be…” ~ I think I shall call this one…..

The Wise Simple Slouch


Peace, love & light )o(


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