As the wheel of the year turns

Merry New Year special magickal friends and family here in the South

As our summer ends and the darker days of winter begin, the veil between the worlds shall be lifted. May this third harvest bring you bountiful blessings. And as we enter the dark half of the year may we reflect back and keep in mind that change is the natural order of things.

It is in this darkness and silence that I feel there are whisperings of new beginnings ~ Like seeds stiring below the ground

Light your candles and don’t forget while feasting to think of your loved ones that came before….. An extra plate is always set here in our home

Merry Merry Samhain special friends!


Merry first day of Summer to all our special magickal friends up North

aah…. you all are my constant reminder…. that in all things, there is balance! I love you all

May your flowers bloom and your harvests in the months to come be plentiful….May the Upcoming warmth keep you all safe and warm wherever you are!

A blessed and Merry Beltane to you all


Peace ☮ Love Light ★


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