Surrounded by cosy

The sky is blanketed by all the shades of grey today.

The thought would be that there should be an icy chill to the air. But… surprisingly there is a cozy ambiance surrounding us today.

As I write this post from the study, I can see through the kitchen door out to the Coop…. Mama Mavis seems a little bothered. I can hear a new banter from her today as she patrols, with a wobble and then a little hunch of a squat movement, up and down the Coop’s fence line. Greenman then pops his head around the side of the door and with the devilish of grins…..

“She’s going to finally lay for us!”

At this, I have to chuckle…..

I wont be making much of an appearance outside of our home today. The poorly ankle seems to be a little grumpy! So, the plans… keep working on our little magickal something something give away that will be happening soon AND a little one on one precious time with each of our Witchlings.

Greenman took a pic of one of our flowering Rose bushes for me this morning ~ He knows how much I love them….. not picked
Yes, I am so very blessed

Sending blessings to all our magickal friends for this day of Saturn.


Peace, love & light )O(


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