Merry day of Woden

Beautiful warm winter sun-filled skies have graced our day. Although our mornings and evenings are considerably colder, I have to admit that our midday temps are just gorgeous….

Pietermaritzburg-20140514-05633The youngest of our Witchling’s has a Farm Dress Up day at school, so you can just imagine the excitement
A Bok-ing Chicken is the chosen dress of the day……
Did you know the magickal correspondences associated with our special feathered fowls are divination, fertility and health..?

Pietermaritzburg-20140514-05625I loved the Full Moon Release share from Following the phases….10369196_651852791554199_7670834945094044073_nSo perfect for our Full Moon in Scorpio on a day ruled by Mercury…. I shall hobble and do just that! All the gripes from the week…. like our geyser bursting … such an inconvenience really!!… scribble, burn and release!!

Merry Full Moon Blessings to you all !

Peace, Love & Light )O(


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