Purification powder

The contractors are finally finished….

The ceiling boards have been replaced and the sanding done.. There is even a new lick of paint But oh gosh, the film of dust that now covers my kitchen counters, windows and frames and even the glass in the door is all murky looking from the mess they have left behind!
So I think its best to get some hocus-pocus cleaning done….
Clean and purify at the same time… total bliss I tell you

All you going to need is Salt, Parsley, Rosemary and a few drops of Tea-tree Essential Oil….

Cleansing.. Purification.. Protection… and a little domestic tranquility all rolled into one

Have a peek here at Mandy’s recipe for Purification Powder…

Merry Thor’s day magickal ones…. Wishing you all much strength and send abundant blessings.

Peace, love & light )o(


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