Early morning pickings


Early morning pickings….

Just after the early morning dew has evaporated, is the best time to harvest just a few of these beautiful petals for my magickal Rose Water.
Rose water has been used in magickal cooking, spells and cosmetics for years.
Perfect for love and healing – ask my Greenman he is absolutely and completely in love with it.

Whippin up a batch is ever so easy – so you NEVER have to buy the horrid commercially made stuff again!!
All you need is your organic rose petals and distilled water. (blessed of course )
Pop your petals in a small pan, add distilled water – just enough to cover the petals – and very gently on low let simmer away..
Slowly you will see the colour leave the petals.
Allow to cool then strain and bottle.

A fresh new batch… One carafe just for Greenman and rest to be kept in the fridge.

The beautiful fragrances of love, happiness, patience…….. and romance are ever so delicately wafting through our cottage….
Just as a day of Venus, a day of love, should smell….. *sigh*…. Bliss I tell you

Be blessed on this Freya’s day magickal ones.

Peace, love & light )O(


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