Winter Vibrations

As the seasons change, so does the mood and daily happenings at our home. The Dark half of the year brings about a little more togetherness (may be for warmth?) and although there is still much laughter and happiness, there is a somberness to the vibrations around me.

It is colder and darker than before.
As I press my face a little closer to the glass panes in our kitchen door to peer out into the darkness… the warmth from my breath frost up the panes..

There really is no good delaying the inevitable… is there?

I love winter and all that comes with the season. I really do. A time for inner reflection, a time to just be still and as Rob reminds me… A time to hibernate, to hibernate like the big ol Mama grizzly bear. (I like that )

But right at this very moment as I wrap my winter gown even more tightly around me and brace myself for the onslaught of the outdoor fridge… and know that my cheeks will flush and my nose will tingle and my eyelids will stick to my now very much awake eyeballs…… I don’t like it very much….

But there are still chores to do.. tend to our babes and check on this and that.. in total darkness… not a single chirp from our once musical mornings, aside from the train in distance further up on our hillside clamping down on its brakes, there is a serene tranquility.

And then as I stand and look to the lone star in the sky and watch as the darkness ever so slowly folds back the black blanket to a brilliance of soft oranges and deep maroons..

I breathe, I am awake.. it’s a beautiful day and I am truly thankful…

Angie xxx


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