How much is enough

There are times when emotions just cannot be put in to words no matter how hard you try.

That may be why I haven’t written a proper post for a little while now.

Please look at this face and tell me you can’t see the love that radiates from those beautiful brown eyes surrounded by a thick line of eyeliner and folded wrinkles..

This beautiful soul, as most of you know, is our precious Cassie.
Cassie has been our devoted friend for just over 7 years.
Never an ailment, never a complaint. Always the happiest and most loving of souls…

Over the last couple of months, she has not been well…
And I fear, that we have done everything we can to help..
But what is really “enough”?
And how far does one go without being selfish and thinking of one’s own emotions before another’s ??

It has been a long couple of months while we have had to come to a decision..
One that of course we are still not entire comfortable with… maybe we are still hoping for a miracle?

Our Cassie has been diagnosed with that horrid disease….. cancer, of the mouth.
Apparantly this is common in Shar-pei’s??

All the medication we have tried only helps for a small period of time and then just as suddenly as she is well ~ then she is not.
This last load of meds is the final course… enough time to say goodbye??

How much is enough… when you know when??



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