Naturally natural magick

Thank you for all your lovely messages, I think I may have just finished replying to each and everyone one of them.
Each of your magickal experiences are your own,,, never forget that! The intent and love that you put into your magick is personal and what may work for someone else most probably (in my experience) will not work for the next person.
My advice on this.. know your craft.. get to know your tools..
How does your craft work for you and what do your tools of your craft mean to you…
I have been waiting to get my itchy little paws on this beaut for quite sometime now and it has finally arrived.
Living as a solitary in South Africa can sometimes make for getting lovelies like this difficult.
But then, I say to that… be creative, use what you have… and when in doubt ask the Universe for guidance
But in saying that, I must just add…. I have made some wonderful friends, the best to say the very least, right here online!
Sometimes we need a little help in the right direction… right ?
So here is my little nudge… to aide you on your quest for a little natural magick in your life.. To read up more about my dearest friend Sally ~>
To pass begin and go straight to ordering ~>
And for my magickal ones right here in South Africa go here ~>

10465273_1494036884146424_2511218244596797060_oOh, and before I forget and ramble on about something else…
Do pop by
And send her gorgeous page some love and light!
She so deserves some….
And for all those other little questions…. You know you gonna wanna ask her ~ fire away… She’s amazing like that!!
Peace, love & light…..
Blessed be )O(

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