Cleansing besprinklings

It’s been a month of slightly sick Witchlings and this Mama Witch hasn’t fared well with her silly colon either. Greenman’s Pops has also been ill with kidney problems and ol’ Grams has taken all this not so very well..

All this does not make for a peacefully blessed home! So its time to take action! It’s time to re-balance and align our cottage again with love and a little luck for the next few colder months ahead.

I totally and utterly covet this cleansing strew… I have used it in times of need and even at times just to bring a little natural fragrance back into our home. You gotta understand.. 3 growing boys, a constantly busy Greenman and familiars trapsing in and out may bring me complete joy at all times but at times with this joy comes beautiful grubby played out odour-filled bodies too.. 😉

It is so super easy to make (yes…. I like easy) and it beats any commercially made toxic “shake-n-vac” products hand down any day!!

Firstly a little Purification Powder to cleanse… purify and protect.

cleansing strew

And then a little hocus pocus with

  • Baking soda (for raising energies)
  • Mint (for luck)
  • Rose (for love)
  • Lavender (for happiness and protection)

Now if you don’t have essential oils.. you can go out and pick all these lovely magickal ingredients from your garden patch 😉 We are in the throws of Winter so my Roses are hibernating and our new familiar, Blair, has made a meal outta our Lavender bush.. So, we giving the poor lovely time to regain its strength again.

Here is a lovely video made by our special friend Mandy over at the Hedgewitch Cooks!

Go and do your hocus pocus now… and be blessed magickal beings!

Peace, love and abundant light )O(


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