“Just for you Mama Witch”…..

It has been a while since a proper post from us has popped up on your newsfeed.
I know *sigh* but I have good reason!
I have been working on THIS 🙂

And whilst working on THAT It has also been a month of winter darkness.
Busy Witchling’s schedules, adjusting to Nugget, our rooster’s new found teenage emotional jerkish behaviour.
And Greenman’s bipolar “condition” tends to rear it’s little head more frequently during this time of the year. (don’t you hate little labels like that?)

But, please know this I have not forgotten any of you….. And I have a few other pages I am busy working on to share with you 🙂

So if you so please – do accept this as our sincere apologies for being so scarce!


Peace, love & light )O(


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