The season for awakenings…

Tis time for the beginnings of Spring!

Where we will be keeping our eyes to the skies as the migratory birds start returning. The flittering signs of new growth shall appear as our acceptance of Winter is giving way to urge on new growth and stretch new shoots of beautiful brilliant greens and new life for the coming of Spring….

I have to admit that I have noticed, as I go about my early morning chores, the brilliance of our sunrise has been creeping up every so slowly but also earlier. The signs of Spring are slowly starting to show in the tiniest of little green leaf buds along our fence line.


We have also been blessed, this week, with our Pookaloo laying her first egg! New beginnings…. ❤ The Witchlings were quite right in saying we should keep them for today, as now we have 3 little beautiful blessings to add to our Imbolc custard for pudding tonight.

So while I go about some magickal cooking in the kitchen for our Sabbat …..


I have the littlest Witchlings busy with some beautiful Imbolc Activities we found with many thanks to The Little Pagan Acorns 😉

Blessings of Imbolc to our family here in the South and to our special family further North we send you bright blessings for Lammas.

Peace, love and light )O(


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