Oh So Easy Coconut Fudge

You know when you have one of those recipes you are just way too excited about and just cant wait to share?

Yes – those ones… Well this is one of those ones!

I have been feeling a little guilty of late, I haven’t really knuckled down and tucked in to whipping up something different for the boys for a little while now. Its kinda been the same old thing… My eldest has been opening a couple of boxes of instant pudding to sate the younger brothers need for “is there pudding tonight?” nightly question as they gobble down the last bites of their supper.

Instant pudding YUK but its one of those go to quick n easy help-this-Mama-out poisons that I do unfortunately keep in the pantry cupboard. Yes… slap my wrists!! I am a terrible.. But in all fairness I really didn’t feel well last week and prolonged standing in the heat just wasn’t going to inspire any creativity or much of a stern look at what exactly the brothers were deciding was healthy to eat!!

So overcome with guilt and feeling a little on the better side I paged through the almost endless pages of recipes I still got to whip up for the family sometime.

And… I’m so super happy I did.. And so are the boys!!

It’s so super easy and the ingredients are so super awesome you just cant go wrong with it!

  • 1 cup coco powder

  • 1 cup honey

  • 1 cup coconut oil

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

  • a tiny pinch of salt


oh and of course just a little whipping

See how fast my little ol’ mixer goes…


And then all I did was line a dish with baking paper, pour the heavenly goo in and sprinkle with coconut (okay that was my added extra… coconut…. I love coconut!)

Popped it into the fridge and before I knew it …..

Bobs you aunty or uncle or even sister… And it was set!!

Heaven…. Girlfriend and family are in heaven!


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