Blooming Super Moon

Did you all get to see the Super Full Moon last night…… ?
We had cloud cover and the lightest of sprinklings of rain. I may not have seen Luna but I sure did feel her…!

Well I for one am slightly elated that we are now on the waning gibbous.. The lead up to said Super Moon has played havoc on our once tranquil life. If there was anything else that could go wrong through last week well then…. &^%#!

On a normal Full Moon, yes our Lifestead does become a little crazy. My family do tend to get all hyped. But this one was Super ~ Rob ended up with migraine (thank the stars I keep Tissue Salt no 8 on hand! I may just have to get a few more bottles at the rate he is guzzling down on them 😉 ) and the Boys, well..
I kept them outside to just release all that pent up all sorts!! Whew….

21 days of laying

But then again…… On Saturday, Mama Mavis blessed us with a new little fluffy butt to add to our growing homestead… <span class="wp-smiley emoji emoji-heart" title="<3

happy hatch day

I am a Granny you all!!! AND I am so super proud. I was planning to wait until all the little peeplings were hatched.. Oh wait – you don’t know!! We found the missing eggs  that Pookaloo DID in fact lay… They are all hidden warmly under Mavis!! 🙂 The egg-napper!!

I am spent.. And I am so looking forward to a little of a breather.

Time waits for no man or in this case woman…. So I have to get myself busying again with our gifts for our special family up north for their Yule celebrations!

pink is for ga-erlz


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