The Witch Blog Award Blessing…


Well… well… well who would have thought that our little blog about our mundane magickal happenings would be nominated for such blessings!

Thank you to the magickal being over at the beautiful The Purple Broom for nominating The Pagan Cottage for said award! 🙂

I feel blessed and thankful to have found such lovelies right here in the blog world who have taken an interest and shown such respect and encouragement. This is just one of those steps in the right direction. Meeting like minded people from all walks of life and sharing with each other.  I have seen so many Christian-based blogs and the likes uniting and sharing their communities. Yet… This is the first I have seen in our beautiful Pagan community.

So ~ yes, I will accept this nomination with arms wide open and hands reaching to our glorious sky and be thankful… grateful and eternally blessed ❤

The Rules:

  • Dedicate at least part of a post to receiving the award and share the award logo
  • Thank the blogger who passed the award to you
  • Answer the seven questions below
  • Nominate five Wiccan/Pagan bloggers (If you don’t know five other Wiccan bloggers, nominate as many as you can)
  • Notify your nominees of their pending award
  • Stop by Ayslyn’s Corner to add your name to the list of bloggers awarded

Seven Questions: (You may customize as long as they are still Wiccan and Pagan related)

So lets do this then, shall we…

Award shared and grateful thanks given. Oh! The 7 questions…..

1.How did you “discover” Wicca/witchcraft/Neo-Paganism.

My thoughts on this… Well a month or so back I was asked to share these similar views on a sister Facebook Page that I help admin with a very special Soul Sister.. So I thought I would share that here…  I don’t think I could have said it any better…

I’ve always known I was “different”.

Though at first never knowing what Pagan really meant.
I grew up with a foster Mother who taught me from a very young age to honour and respect our Mother our Earth our Universe.
She was a Professor in literature and encouraged reading and inspired me to question and then read some more.
I played in our beautifully set garden nestled beside a little stream where the fae came alive… and I questioned and she gave me more books…
As a teenager I would lie on our lush green grass with the open sky above me for hours until night fell and our Moon would rise taking on a different shape… a different phase.. I questioned and she would find me another book to read… to study – to covet..
I would watch as she picked plants and herbs she had grown and use them in our feasts or in our warm baths… and I questioned and she again would loan me wondrous books..
It was only many years after she had crossed over did a special friend gave me a book… not just any book. A book that opened my eyes a little wider and answered thirsty questions I had not been able to quench…

Oh, Scott Cunningham, bless you and the blessed bearer of that book! That was the beginning and yes since then there has been no end…..

2. Do you grow herbs?

Oh yes I do! I love them…… As we slowly welcome in the warmer months, I will be trying my hand at growing from seed! I haven’t tried this before. I usually either buy the seedlings from a very special nursery or claim cuttings from generous friends 😉

So well, there – a sneaky peek into our future blog posts for the coming months…

“The witches are masters of one single and sovereign science – the use of herbs. Herbs are the most important ingredient in all classical magic and indeed classical (and modern) medicines.”- The Rotting Goddess p123 J. RABINOWITZ

I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but steal “borrow” this quote from our new friend at The Purple Broom! I really couldn’t have put written it any better don’t you think? (I have not read said book… but… I will.. I am now on a mission to find it 😉 )

3. Are you “in the broom closet”? If not, share your coming out experience

I wouldn’t say that I am “in the broom closet”… no, I would say that my personal experiences in the past were my own that I cherished and shared with my very special friends and family. Shouting it out to the world on the www .. well that dear friends is a recent occurrence 🙂

I had a lovely little blog that I named “Our Homestead On The Hillside” and although lovely as it was… It was empty… There were a few magickal shares, but all kinda “PG-RATED” 😉 as I had many Christian followers…  BUT ~ They loved them!! And when Greenman had his birthday… I awoke that very morning and said to myself…

“Good morning beautiful SELF… there is more to SELF than SELF is showing the world…!!”

It was kinda bumpy… I lost a few online friends that had been around for a long time, yet, in the the same breath Ive made the most wonderful friends.. I call them my Tribe… My Soul Sisters… I couldn’t imagine not having them in my life! ❤ ❤

They have made the whole “shouting from the roof tops” the mundane magickal about my love, about me and my beautiful family life as an Eclectic Witchy Pagan Mama so blissfully easy 🙂


4. What tradition do you follow, if any?

Traditions… mmmm….

I am eclectic… I am an Electic Witchy Pagan Mama to 3 boys who are finding there own path in life. Living and helping these magickal beings grow to their beautiful potential here in Sunny South Africa is a challenge on its own. We also have my non-faith bipolar GreenMan’s  Christian parentals living with us. And although they are followers of the Christian faith, they are very accepting of my Pagan ways. They ask questions all the time and will even come moon gazing on Full Moons and will want to know more about our Sabbats. So I guess you could call our home an inter~faith coven of sorts. Each learning from each other and celebrating each others uniqueness. Its kinda fun having 2 “Christmases” and “Easters” and so forth, so to speak. Living in the Southern Hemisphere makes for celebrating the changes of seasons easier to explain to the Witchlings as Yule and Christmas are on opposite ends of the Wheel of the Year…. 😉

5. Do you consider yourself a witch, Wiccan or Pagan (or maybe something else?)

As I said before, I don’t have a label myself.. I love cooking and baking especially when its is magickal baking and cooking 😉 . I covet my herbs and cast my eyes to the skies not only at Full Moon.. but daily. I don’t bother with television weather forecasts.. Why??? When all one has to do is step outside and have a look for oneself…

As the wheel of the year turns. I celebrate the changing of the seasons and I have found my voice to share that with the rest of the world. I honour our Mother and recognise the blessings I am given daily… hourly and more often than not ,to the minute!

I’m an Eclectic Witchy Pagan Mama……… 🙂

6. How much of witchcraft/Wicca are you able to incorporate into your everyday life?

Well sweet lovelies… every little thing I do is magick…. 😉

I walk the path of the ancient ones…. nature is my church.. love is my religion ❤

7. Do you have a familiar? If you do, tell us how you meet him/her and how s/he takes part in your practice (if at all)

I have had a few who have been part of my life for short periods of time. I must add, I never thought that they were familiars but more like little guardian angels who came at times when I was lost and unsure and needed a little bit of a nudge to remember who I was and what I am worth. They never stayed for long…. sadly – because once I had found my direction again – they had moved on.

My beautiful Cassie and our lovely new Blair are soul friends and our Chooks are wonderful… But with that being said…. I have to add…. New little fluffy butt has a stolen a little piece of my Witchy heart… Defying her Mama at a few days old and being so very interested in us beings!! So unlike the first obedient peeplings that arrived at The Cottage… watch this space magickal friends – you never know 😉

5 Nominees

  1. The Crunchy Pagan Mom
  2. Bohomofo
  3. In The House of Mama Stacey
  4. Good Witches Homestead
  5. The Witch’s Way Homestead

Well then, I think that should be it 🙂

Thank you again for the award.. It is treasured and I am humbled by it.

Peace, love and light to you and yours )O(


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