It Was There All Along

The needles on the tops of the Pine Trees rustle as the winds howl through the forest this evening.
Our Sun could have set already but I cant seem to see it for all the shades of grey  that have come rumbling in..
Darker clouds wrapping around the already lighter shades and there is a low grumble from heavens.

I am out later than normal… Well, the “norm” that has been us since halfway through August! Tonight is also the first night, since our home invasion, that I am not panicking and my eyes aren’t darting around for strange movements and my ears aren’t pierced for the crunch of earth under unwelcomed visitors feet to our home.

As I stand in the middle of the backyard with the soft earth and fresh lawn squished between my toes and comforting my bare feet, I feel the wind whip my hair softly around my shoulder. I feel peace..

I can feel a little spark ignite within me. The spark ever so slowly burns into a growing flame.
Hello there ol’ friend… I have missed you!

I close my eyes and for the first time in quite some time… just feel again.
The magick never disappeared it was there all along…. just waiting for me to feel again.

For the first time in which feels like forever, I hear the kids shriek with delight as the winds toss the last of winters leaves all around us, and the puppies yapping out in the evening as the play tag under the now lit up  backyard. Rob has so protectively fitted spot lights to our new secure fence line around the backyard. So no creepy corners for Trolls to hide …

I stayed out late tonight. It was not me who yelled for all to come in so I could lock us all snuggly away.
It was all who yelled for me!

Angie xxx


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