The Life Of Thor

Sometimes a blessing comes into your life when you least expect it.
And sometimes as quickly as that blessing comes your way it is just as swiftly taken away.

I for one am still reeling in thought as to why the powers that be would send us such happiness and then before we blink take it away.

Thunderous Thor arrived on a Friday evening as the waxing crescent moon had moved into Libra…

The Waxing crescent… a time for bringing things to you. Libra for balance and cooperation.
Did I will him our way? I don’t think I did, knowingly…

He had travelled many hours to get to our little home from a backyard of a family friend in the Gauteng Province.

He was the tiniest thing ever.. And as he was placed in my arms and he raised his somewhat unfocused eyes to meet mine there was an instant little spark!

This little bundle of skin and bones and I were going to be the best of friends.

That evening after much inspection… Like a new born being lovingly inspected by his new parents. We bundled him up in his new blanket and placed him in bed between Rob and I and a very inquisitive Blair for the night.

It was, without a doubt, concluded that the following morning as the sun rose and the wild birds sang the world awake he would be rushed off to our loving Dr.Vet.

This new child of ours was so malnourished…. (little did we know … amongst other things!)

Dr Vet was not impressed… With his brow in constant frown – the beginning was not looking hopeful. But this is not what we came to you for Dr Vet… We came to you to help us fix him!

100’s of rands later with strict instructions on measurements for food and calcium powders to be added to meals twice a day and a hopeful heart we left for home.

And such a hungry lazy puppy he was. Only wondering the backyard if I was there.. The only one to wake and keep me company during Rob’s Safe Community grave-yard shifts. And up with the sparrows in the early hours of the morning as I went about my mummy kitchen duties…

Yapping in playful angst as I made him wait for the time for his morning breakfast. Those yappings were just so sweet. I chatted… he yapped. And so it went on.

Until a week ago. Just a few days before the next of immunisations, dewormers and weigh ins….

Sometimes what is meant to be are just written in the stars… twinkly stars that shine bright in the small window of time that you are blessed with.

Beautiful Thunderous Thor fought a battle that was doomed from the beginning. Never once did he give up… until his final hours of this dark and overcast morning.

Beautiful child of ours… may you now be able to chase butterflies and chew furiously on your squeaky toys!

Well that is … until we meet again big boy.

Angie xxx


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