Yarning Along

I couldn’t agree more with Ginny over at the beautiful  Small Things

Knitting and reading, although not done at the same time, are two of my favourite things too!

I have so enjoyed joining in the last few times on her Yarn Along Wednesday Link-Up, that I have now decided to dedicate a day in the week just for that and join in with the fun too.

Share what I’m reading and update on whats happening between the knitting needles.

The link Up is such fun – I have met a wonderful new group of like minded crafty crafters and I am enjoying whats going on all over their blogs – I may just dedicate the same day to share a new blog friend too!

Such excitement!

I have also started on the cutest little Knubblechen, OK so I didn’t wait until I could get to the Wool ‘n Habby Shop to get the right type of wool used in the “recipe”!
But, hey, I REALLY couldn’t wait – I just have to see how it turns out!

I have this beautiful pink in DK that I was keeping to make up a little something for a very special little baby girl for Christmas.. I don’t see why it would make any difference If little Knubblechen was a little bigger and chunkier than supposed to be.
So hold them fingers and toes for me ~ please?

This month I also ordered 3 E-reader books to keep me company on those long dark lonely nights when the boys are all snugly tucked in, fast asleep and while Rob is out Patrolling for the Safe Community Watch.
I love me a good ol’ fashioned book.. The one with pages to turn and when you hold your nose to the pages you can almost smell the story come alive.
But…… I am running out of space! Our home is really not big enough for all the books I want to buy and keep.
So I have promised to do my little green thing for our Mother Earth and start (very slowly!) buying eBooks!

Right at this very moment I am all about “How To Do Pickling” by Dr D.Jayne & Sons.

It is wonderful!!! It was published In 1917 and the layout and wording is simple and gorgeously refreshing. Something a little different to how things are published today. It has an array of pickling recipes, and although I thought I would have to do some kind of conversions with the measurements, they are all in easy spoon and cup measurements.
He has also popped a blurb after each section about the Doc himself and his home remedies and tonics, and about family life.

I cant wait to get pickling!

Shared with the friends over on Ginny’s Link-up Yarn Along Wednesday.


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