School Scene

October is Cancer month around these parts… If you drive along the little roads that lead off the city roads towards the school you will see all the trees lining these little roads wrapped in pink.

It has been all the buzz around town, and for those who do not go to our little school, they have caught up with the happenings by reading the Maritzburg Sun (our free town newspaper) Where brightly coloured photos are splashed beautifully over the pages.

Have a little peek ~> (HERE) to have a look ‘n see a few of the beautifully decorated trees.

This morning I opened the paper to find our Joshua smiling back at us (can you spot him?)
Just lovely – Vic, Karen and Lukie have been part of our lives for such a long time.
I would say its safe to say that our Josh and Luke are “besties”!

“Merchiston have embraced supporting Cancer month, not only by wrapping the trees in Bulwer Street in pink, but by inviting one of their own parents Karen Stander to the event. A moving morning! The Grade 7S class at Merchiston Preparatory School, decorated a tree in pink and dedicated it to Mrs Karen Stander, who is fighting cancer. Her son, Luke, is a member of this class. Karen Stander was invited by the boys, where she was given their messages of encouragement, love and support.” ~ Maritzburg Sun page 19.

In other news.. that is the yarning news…. Knubbelchen is coming along… nicely, yet slowly.
I have been a little preoccupied this week with Garren’s first swimming gala… precious moments!
Tristan’s final year-end exams that started this week, our Joshua’s 14th birthday AND  the preparations for our Halloween Under The Lapa shin-ding with special family and friends this weekend.
The little ones are so super excited!
I am also fighting off a sudden bout of “change-of-seasons” flu bug that has hit parts of the body that are really needed to keep this mum going through the day!

It has been crazy beautiful around here….

Shared with friends over at the Yarn Along Link up.


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