First Day Of Big School

 I have been through this already twice before and one would think that by now I would have gotten used to the emotional-roller-coaster-ride-of-a-day that the first day of grade one would bring. 
But no! Not I….
While I sit here and try to make sense of how to put those emotions into words, I am watching as the photos of Garren’s first day ever so slowly upload.
Our little lad all dressed up smartly with cap, tie and blazer (that is slightly over sized). A face that only shows a slight hint of nervousness the rest playful and impatient excitement to get this journey on the go already! Of course with best friend by your side how could you not fear a single adventure ahead.
Does this child of ours not know that all these wondrous firsts will be the lasts for me?
Of course Joshua all of 14 going on 41 would have none of the pesky mothering on his first day of high school. He was safe in the hands of Rob who is so technology challenged that of course not one photo would be taken! 
Angie xxx

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