Worms And Worms

The weekend blessed us with glorious weather..

Well, if you can call 40 degree Celsius highs in the shade glorious! I shouldn’t complain really, it was the first weekend in quite sometime where we haven’t been gallivanting off somewhere into town to get supplies for the start of the boys new school year and the skies haven’t opened up to our Summer rains…

So, yes we were blessed.

We have been meaning to clear up and move on our compost patch to just passed the fence line and open up a new piece of happiness next to the babbling brook for a special quiet and restful picnic spot. And folks, this weekend we finally did it! Move, the compost heap, that is, and clear the area for said picnic spot. It is still a work in progress – I cant wait to get to prettying it up with…… wait – you will have to wait and see!!

Back to clearing the compost heap…
Compost Patch + Garren = squeals of delight as he discovered gazillions of worms.. Big fat and juicy!! Treats for our girls and guy as they haven’t been able to do much free ranging of late thanks to the galloomfing Buzzard prowling the tree tops.

One day when I grow up I will get a fancy camera that can take beautiful photos of those moving unpredictable chickens!!! But for now *sigh*… I will keep trying…..

(I think there were like 271 chicken pics taken just to get these few!)

Happy new week darlings…

Angie xxx


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