The Storm That Broke The Hearth

On Friday evening our little town was hit with hail stones the size of apples. 
We are calling it The Storm That Broke The Hearth.
As much as we are devastated by what proceeded said storm, we also feel deep gratitude that our family was unscathed and we are now safe.
While we still process the ordeal, clean up the debris and of course make for rearranging our living arrangements I will process more photographs and wait in the queue with the rest of the inhabitants of our little Sleepy Hollow to have the damages assessed and then the process of picking up all the pieces again. As per the norm I haven’t had a chance to read the newspapers or chat with my special friends across the miles on social networks. Please bear with us – we will be getting to you all as soon as we can. Thank you for all kind words and encouragement that has been sent our way. We are deeply grateful and appreciate each and every one of these words. They did in fact get us through the weekend.
 Much like any adventure I shall prepare myself for all its ups and downs and know how blessed I am that I have a family that work wonders when together.
Angie xxx

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