Book – Candle – Yarn – Cards

One thing that has been keeping me going, while we have been ever so patiently waiting for assessors and insurances to begin the process of getting back to some form of normality after the weekends Storm That Broke The Hearth, is knowing that I will be catching up with all the lovelies over at Ginny’s Yarn Along! I love perusing through all the link ups and seeing what they are reading and of course what they all have clinking and clanking away on their needles.

I haven’t let the darkness that now engulfs part of the house deter me from getting on with chores and the few hobbies that actually on a normal day keep me sane. I may have to thank our previous load-shedding adventures for that! The heat this week has been cruel and I do hesitate in the afternoons when clouds start circling as I am not too sure if they are here to stay and whiplash us with another freak-of-nature-storm or the slight pitter patterings of rain. The rain I enjoy and know we can withstand but another storm… I hesitate…..

Our kitchen has now temporarily been moved into our dinning room and of course our dinning room table has always been used by the boys for homework. Although a little crammed we are getting it right and I feel so blessed the boys are taking this all in their stride. It’s our in-home-camping-adventure… *wink* *wink*. I have heard from others who were hit by the storm too. Although not as much damage done to their homes as to ours, their little ones just haven’t coped well and have been sent off to stay with families in another part of our town. So yes, again I am blessed!

To get back to Ginny’s Link-up…..
The Witching Hour that I was ever so slowly but surely reading last week has come to a grinding halt. The pages are slightly damp so I have put the book to one side and to let the pages dry slowly naturally. It is not damaged and the pages are legible thank goodness. In the mad rush on the weekend to save my books from their place on the shelves while the water poured through the huge gaping holes in the roof, I was able to save White Oleander. I found this Janet Fitch novel while perusing through one of the stalls at the Farmers Market many many moons ago. I had watched the movie before and knew that the book would be so much better as with all books! But of course I never seemed to get around to actually reading it.
I only remember snippets of the actual movie, so as I’m reading along by candle light it is all coming back to me.

The hot water bottle cover I have clinking and clanking away on my needles is almost half way done. I have finished the back half and started on the front. I may just craft up another one in the future but this time on a circular needle or double pointed needles so that there wont be a seam. I’m not very good at sewing and always feel that when I have to finally sew all the bits and pieces together I really dont feel entirely happy with end result. So for me seamless knitting is the way to go. When I figure the pattern out I will pop it on my Ravelry Account.  I haven’t yet made up my mind if the front will have a knitted motif or if I will cut out some felt and then knit a star to sew on. All I know is the protective star will be placed on the front of it.

I think I may just want to add that today is also the last day of Mercury Retrograde…..
I feel a great big ol’ sigh of relief about to depart from my heavy lungs and through my lips!

Angie xxx


7 thoughts on “Book – Candle – Yarn – Cards

  1. I can not get over the size of that hail! Thank goodness you and your family are safe. It sounds like you are keeping your spirits up during the repair process. Sending good thoughts your way….


  2. Just getting caught up with you, lovely, and I'm so sorry this trouble has befallen you but ever so thankful your family is safe! I cannot help but feel a heartswell for how proud you must be of your strong boys taking things in stride. You're raising them right (but you knew that! *wink*)

    I, too, would have been frantically trying to save my books! Gads!

    Be well, dear. Sending my thoughts and heart to you.

    P.S. Freyja. Very nice. 🙂


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