Manni Mannikin

Little Manni ~ meet everyone… Everyone meet ~ Little Manni!
Little Manni is the only fledgling that survived the storm last week Friday.  
For those who are new to our home. Oumie (aka Rob’s mum) has this magickal knack for saving little birds and caring for them until they are old enough to care for themselves. 
Who remembers the little sugar bird she saved the weekend she and the Old-Man (aka Rob’s dad) moved in with us? She kept that little thing going the whole week and the following weekend when we went back to their old house to make sure all was in order, before handing over keys, she placed the sugar bird alongside the hedgerow and miraculously the parents came back for it! We were shocked that it was accepted back!
As sad as she was to have to say goodbye she knew that it would be safe and Mum and Dad were there to raise it naturally the way Mother Earth intended!
I am not too sure about Manni though. Oumie has placed the Bronze Winged Mannikin close to the community of finches all very busy trying to rebuild their homes (like we are) and they just don’t seem to be interested at all. I don’t fear that it wont make it through, it is a feisty little thing that wants to get up and go…… But I do fear that it may not make it home naturally the way intended. This one may end up being a little home bird.
Finches teach us to awaken to our surroundings and encourage the connections in our family.
It must be because they all have to work very hard to build and keep their little family and communities safe and sound.
Angie xxx

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