Coming Up To Breathe

Last week the unrelenting heat all but nearly broke me.
We live in a little town nestled between mountains, so when the tempretures rise so does the humidity. A stagnant heat that one just cant seem to escape from.

The boys feel it the most. I can see it in their blotched red hot faces when I fetch them from school and on our drive home in the afternoon the beads of sweat trickle down their little faces. The only reprieve is to get them into the slight cooler waters of our pool when we arrive home.

When they are in they do not surface. Only coming up for breath when their little lungs just cant take the pressure of the spent oxygen.

This new week we have started off on a cooler note. There is a nip to the air and the sky is covered in voluptuous shades of grey. I feel we should expect a few more heat waves before the cooler months of Autumn set in. I also feel that way may just be in for a very cold spell this Winter too.

Angie xx


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