Book – Candle – Yarn – Cards

I can’t believe that it has already been a week since our last link up with friends on the blog.  I for one wont admit to “time flies while you are having fun” this last week! Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and my family and I treasure every moment with them and feel so blessed daily… but the In-Home-Camping-Adventure is starting to feel a little wearisome on this soul of mine. We are still awaiting replies from the insurance company and it doesn’t seem that they are on the same page with us and their contractors, that in actual fact our home has been listed as “critical and needs urgent attention”.
I think I may manage a little better if my beloved coped better with change. 
I’m sure by the time we get our home back he would have gotten used to the idea… *chuckle*
Our weekend found the sky bursting with deep dark clouds of grey and a steady drizzle. After finally getting the last of the plastic sheeting on the roof and buckets placed strategically around the lower levels of the house I curled up with a warm fuzzy blanket on the couch and took turns in alternating a little knitting and further reading of White Oleander. I have finished both sides of the hot water bottle cover and I am still at a loss for how I will be finishing it off. I think I may just have to make a turn at the Wool & Habby shop at the end of the month for a little more inspiration (and more wool… shh – dont tell Rob!) I am still looking for the right Star pattern for the motif on the front. Do any of you have a knitted 5 pointed star pattern that you are willing to share? I would be so grateful! 
What do I have to say about White Oleander……?
*sigh* I absolutely love it… I love that when I am reading, the words turn into poetry and I feel that I am there experiencing it all with dearest Astrid… So much so that I have had to put the book down the last couple of days. The emotions were a little too intense and a breather away from the smell of the pages were in order. I only have a few chapters to go and tonight being a no homework night I may just breathe and then continue. Some things just feel a little too close to home with this one! While on my breather I got a little closer one-on-one time with Earth Magic Oracle Cards Guidebook by Steven D. Farmer. Not everyone’s cuppa tea but for me it gave me a little more insight on the cards that I have been reading. I like to get to know the cards first without the guidebook and then peruse through and see what the  Author has to say about it. It’s a beautiful deck and I am enjoying the readings that are coming from the cards.
I was once again on the couch yesterday. I have been fighting an onset of flu symptoms and yesterday I decided I just couldn’t fight them anymore! I surrendered… and while surrendering pulled out the seriously chunky Elle CottonOn that Oumie bought me a few months back. The original plan was for me to knit up simple place mats for our dinning room table. I love the natural colours! The only thing…. the 100g of 100% Virgin Cotton only makes a mat of about 38cm x 20cm which is slightly small for a place mat. I marched on through to the cottage to have a chat with the Ol’ Crone and she admitted they were on the small side but maybe we could use them as dish towels?? What do you think?
Last night I use it to do a card reading on! 
Perfect sizing if you ask me… *wink* and *chuckle*….!!!
Oh and look at what’s peeping up through our marg! Rob says its because of all the rain!
Me… well I say we have been visited by the fae.
Joining the lovely Ginny (Small Things) over at Yarn Along & Nicole (Frontier Dreams) over at Keep Calm Craft On ~  for their Link Ups. Thank you special ladies!
Angie xxx

4 thoughts on “Book – Candle – Yarn – Cards

  1. Oh Ange, I hope you get some help with your home repairs soon! I'm just starting to get to know my Earth Magic cards as well… I find them quite beautiful. Your placemat looks gorgeous beneath your card layout! Your mentioning of “White Oleander” makes me want to see the movie again (I used to watch it over and over and over in my younger days…). I secretly wish that I could have one more daughter so that I could name her “Astrid,” but alas, that will not be happening lol ;). I hope you are feeling strong and well soon!!! Love and Light, friend ❤


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