Madhatter’s Hat

Friday Garren had his Grade 1 Madhatter Tea Party at school.
He and Rob had been busying themselves all through the week on this very secretive project. A surprise, a little something that no-one else would have thought to jumble up together.

I felt a little sad, that a hat of this kind would have to be thought of. Tristan and Joshua had magickal hats that were made in fun in another kind of way. How times have changed! Yet at the same time I had to have a good ol’ deep down belly chuckle when the little voice explained to me the purpose of this fabulous hat.

A hard hat to protect your head from the hail.
Candles to light your way during load shedding.
Hanging (empty) match boxes to wiggle around to keep the mosquito’s and flies at bay.
(and if the boxes were filled with matches they would light the candles Mom!)
And of course earphones so that you can listen to music! Garren does love his music.

The Madhatter Tea Party was a huge success I was told. I am please for that.

On another note, I have come to the realisation…. Moving little ones like the fluffy fowls in the coop do not make for pretty photographing.

Angie xxx


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