Book – Yarn – Cards

We should be celebrating!! 
We have finally heard word from our insurance company, but only after a call made to them from our lawyer. After almost three weeks in waiting and being accused of adding and building on to our home and stating that our home was under evaluated  (trust me we most certainly do not  have money for that!) the insurance company admitted to the fault being entirely theirs and they have put through our claim and will be covering everything!
I am elated yet at the same time utterly exhausted. It may be from the stress of the past two and a half weeks finally coming to an end?
The flu like symptoms, I was telling you all about at our last link-up with Ginny’s Small Things Yarn Along, have seemed to improve. Well except for the exhaustion so I am pleased for that.  I’m sure as we start getting our home in order and unpack and repack when the construction work comes to an end I will start to finally catch up with myself. I cant wait!
I finished White Oleander over the weekend. What a book. If you havent read it you need to add it your list of books to read. Really!! I think I will leave it at that. 
I have started on Just Another Kid By Torey L Hayden. I am not that far into it, perhaps a few pages or a chapter at the least. I predict this one to be a goodie too. 
I will let you all know in the weeks to come *wink*.
I finally found (well actually Oumie found) a star knit pattern for the front of the hot water bottle cover. I will start working on that soon. In the meantime I have be clinking the needles together and finishing off a couple more “Dish Towels”. So now I have one in natural, blue/natural and green/natural. There are still about 3 or 4 more balls of each colour. So hopefully by the time I have gone through them all the “Dish Towels” may turn into something else? I started a knit project in the beginning of the year and when I feel the need for a change from what I am working on I go and work a little on it. The needles are on the small side and the wool is a soft double knit so its best to knit when I have a sufficient amount of light. There is no rush to finish this one, when the urge arises then I will pick it up and knit up a few more rows.
Thank you for stopping by! 
I love reading all your comments and ~ well ~ just knowing that you there!
Angie xxx

11 thoughts on “Book – Yarn – Cards

  1. What craziness. They should not have put you though such unnecessary stress like that. But I'm glad you are on your way to having things taken care of. I love those spring like colored dishcloths. They make me smile!


  2. yes they are – I am finding though that this particular yarn is more hardy and a little like cord to do anything but garter stitch – I will try again though.. add a little extra!
    oh and congratulations!!!


  3. I am so glad to hear that things have worked out – nothing worse than dealing with insurance companies and they are supposed to be there when you need them!
    I love knitting dishcloths – I love the colours and it's fun to finish something quickly that I can really use!


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