With all the rain that has been had over the last few weeks our little town almost flooded this weekend. Garren’s school still  had huge puddles of water all over the field this morning when I dropped him off and the regale of how the Duzi river could have almost burst its banks seemed to be the highlight for our towns people.
But for the Pitouts well.. we are still in recovery from the last disaster. Thank the powers that be that our roof and Oumie’s Cottage roof are in place. Ceiling boards still need to be put up and kitchen cupboards need to be replaced. It is still a long stroll until all comes right.
We decided that helping out the contractors would be a great idea this weekend. 
In our bedroom we had no ceiling boards but rather a rustic thatch held up pine borders. Although very pretty it did have its health hazards so we decided that it was time for it to go. Before we started we had no idea just how much thatch we would actually be pulling out. The dust and bugs that came down with the straw was enough to make any girl squeal and that I did to the boys disgust. By the time we had all the straw out and slowly burning away it was late in the afternoon and I did not think that we would get through it all. But we did! We finished off with a good clean. Rob was able to get some cabling and electrics done as well as poly filing holes so that the ceiling boards, sanding and cleaning of walls may commence.
Now for the fun part…. choosing a fresh new colour for our room – that’s more my kind of job.
Angie xx

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