So these are all my eggs. Eggs given proudly to us by our precious Zulu ladies of the coop. Eggs laid with love and often a whole lot of noise that comes with the whole egg laying spectacular in our coop. No, really – it is a raucous show that plays out and the lovely family 4 homes down get to hear about it too.

The egg.. boiled, scrambled, fried, poached, omletted, baked in all our bakes. The egg that gives us cracking good breakfasts, lunch and even dinners. (there are even inbetween snacks – we could quite easily become eggy-hobbits!)

Did you know that the antioxidants in egg yolks help protect you eyes against the harmful UV rays or that the yolk is said to have one of the few natural sources of choline that stimulates brain development? Well now you know – I read that somewhere……

9 essential amino acids… that’s what you get from just one egg!

Our home is never short of eggs. And when our Zulu girls decide to go on holiday all-together at-the-same-time (like they are doing at this very moment!) then we have the Fly’s who send us trays overflowing with these perfectly molded deliciousness in a shell.

I feel and egg recipe egg-travaganza coming on.
Oh and I see a whole lot of eyebrow raising by my ever loving and totally understanding and supportive Rob happening too.

Have an egg-cellent weekend!
Angie xxx


5 thoughts on “egg

  1. Gorgeous eggs you have there :). I'd love to hear any egg recipes you have brewing, as my young pullets just started pumping out their daily eggs recently, and the egg basket is finally filling up again here! I found a recipe for flourless chocolate cake that takes about 8 eggs, so I think that's where I'll start ;).


  2. thank you Rachel – I am working on a few – will be posting as soon as Im done 🙂 Isnt it lovely when they start laying again? Rob always comments on how its about time they earned their keep…. with other grumbling of a boiling pot or something! And then I switch off 😉


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