the family portrait

I have been moaning and groaning and whining at Rob and the boys to try and get family photo done. As the boys grow their lives seem to move on to other interests outside of the home. So, to finally get them all under one roof and together for one day is a very rare and precious occasion.

Finally the moaning and groaning and whining which felt as if it went on for eternity came to an end today. Tristan was home, Joshua was up and Rob felt in the mood to humour me. oh and the day was heavenly. Sun shining, birds a twittering and it just felt like an outside day.

Family selfies… Have you tried them? Its timing…. its team work… its patience. And all you can do is hope in the end that you have one worth sharing with the world. And a few others you can hold onto and one day reflect back on and then have a good ol chuckle.

Loads of sparkings
Rob, Angie, Tristan, Joshua & Garren.
PS… Zeus and Blair send love too.


One thought on “the family portrait

  1. The photos are wonderful. We do try to take a portrait together once a year, and informal photos at home as well, but it's funny because no matter what, someone is always looking the wrong way or not smiling or has their eyes closed. 🙂


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