first signs of spring

The first signs of Spring are here. When our Magnolia starts flowering I know we are heading towards warmer weather. But as I sit here and type this, I have to reflect back over the past season , we really haven’t had much of a Winter. Well the cold part anyway. Yes, we have been blessed with such comfortable warmth the past few weeks that one would believe that Spring is upon us even earlier than before.

The first signs of Spring are here. I know the seasons are changing when I hear the weasy fresh fruity cough explode from Garren. Where did that come from? He was perfectly fine yesterday and the evening before. The seasons are changing!

As I sit here and gaze out the window while typing this, I see a haze in the air and patches of dark clouds lightly circle on by, I think we might be in for much needed rain later this week. I know as I type this that as with every year as we start celebrating the new life that Spring brings too early, Mother Nature hits us with a freak icy spell to remind us that she is still in charge out there. So, I will sit here and type and keep my eyes to the skies and this year not presume too much. Just take each day as it comes and remember how blessed we are.

Angie xxx

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10 thoughts on “first signs of spring

  1. I love it when the Magnolia's blossom. Our littlest is named after Magnolia's as when she was born they were just beginning to flower. Hope Garren's cough clears up soon. We've begun to get a few Autumnal sniffles here. I love watching the seasonal changes, always a mix of nostalgia for the season that's passed and anticipation for the one that's coming 🙂


  2. Hi Angie, it's so nice to connect with you. Your blog is lovely. I really like your magnolia tree. I don't know if we can grow those where I live in New Mexico but I've always enjoyed them. It sounds like you are ready to greet spring. I hope you have a lovely season. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. 🙂


  3. i love our seasons changing but at the same time i so enjoy how while we are going into one season here on our side of the world – you are all expecting the totally opposite xxx


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