first plantings of the season

We have started with Spring time planting around here. With beautiful temperatures in the late 20 degrees celcius these days (and a whooper of 32 degrees for today!) we cant help but get into the Spring of things.

We have always been blessed with plants. Although we do head on over to our favourite nursery every now and then, most of the time we are gifted with beautiful growings from all the lovely people Rob meets on his travels through his busy day.

This time a lovely customer was thining out her overgrown Agapantha patch. And it just so happened that these lovelies will be the white variety – just what we were looking for to flower along the curb of our property. It is very dry there and the soil is mainly rocky, so we need something that grows with very little care. These are just so perfect! I really am very excited to see them flower come the happier warmer months.

We also were blessed with a few succulants for the other side of the fence line where our cars park. It really is a great big ol mess of twines and rocky moulds that the boys had to take a pick to the soil to loosen it so that we could plant them. But once they take (if they can grow in a desert – then dang they will grow here!) they will produce the most beautiful orange bell like flowers.

I love this time of the year… When all the new fresh buds start appearing and life comes into being after what felt like the longest hibernation of Winter.

Angie xxx

joining amanda


5 thoughts on “first plantings of the season

  1. Oh what a lovely gift. I adore agapanthus but around here it has to be nurtured and cherished and constantly watched; how gorgeous to have a whole row of them as something that will just get on with it and grow!


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