wheel barrow rides and puppy bonding

Our weekend bought about unpredictable skies and bits ‘n bobs of this and that. I attempted my very first sew project this weekend. Oumie (Rob’s Mom) gave me a sewing machine months ago which until this weekend has sat loyally on top of my cupboard gathering dust. I have no clue how to operated said machine but it patiently obliged and lovingly obeyed all my eccentric behaviour (and vocabulary) for which I am so very grateful! I also attempted a pavlova recipe (found on a Facebook group I belong to) in the slow cooker… Total disaster, I might add, it did not set in the required time or even with another hour added on to that! It ended up being a sugary sluggy mess – I should try it again but maybe leave it in there for the entire day? The set bits on the side added to chocolate mouse pudding got a thumbs up from the boys though.

Rob and Tristan attempted another DIY fix-it to the cottage thatch before the rainy season sets in. Hold thumbs that this one works?!

The best part of our weekend… well, as far as the boys and pups are concerned… Wheel barrow rides for the younger boys and a squarking plastic chicken toy for the pups. Blair became quite veracious and our 5 month old Zeus absolutely petrified. It is the funniest thing seeing our enormous Boerbul so very intrigued yet so scared at the same time over a plastic squeaky puppy toy! These two pups have become so very dear and have stolen small and overly big parts of our hearts.

We have a busy week ahead of us. The younger boys with their various school activities, (I will be sure to share them as the week goes along.) Tristan’s 19 birthday tomorrow and a grown up educational move for him too in the pipelines (as soon as I can I will share more of that too!). Wherever you are and whatever your week holds for you we send blessings from our home to yours. Have a blessed week friends.

Angie xxx


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5 thoughts on “wheel barrow rides and puppy bonding

  1. What a fabulous day!

    thanks for sharing about your sewing machine . . . I'm a little frightened of mine . . although i have managed a couple of fun projects . . . but, i think it knows . . . (sigh)


  2. Boys like a different kind of fun than girls:) I have just updated my 20 year old sewing machine and I am a bit scared of my fancy new sewing machine too. I love your property – how you have soft grass and than woodlands beyond. We live in the bush and always have to wear work boots outside because of rough ground.


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