19 years on

Yesterday was Tristan’s 19 birthday. 19……… where oh where have all those 19 years gone I asked myself that morning as I was busying myself with my early morning chores before having to rudely awaken the younger two boys for school.

I thought back to that special day in 1996 when I was a few days from turning 18 myself. The thoughts and feelings on being a very young Mom and the fears of not being able to be a “proper-mom“. So many expectations of myself and those that others expected from me…. All of those fears seemed  like a surreal life time ago. Yet, here we are, and that little bundle born on the first day of spring is now a mature and handsome young man.

I posted a photo on my facebook profile with the description “So proud to call myself Mom to this young man.” simple and short. But, really, in truth there is so much more.

All those hugs where my arms wrapped around his whole body as a baby and then around his shoulders as a child have now turned. This child of mine is now a young man and where my hugs once lovingly cocooned him, his now engulf me.

I am proud, I am so very blessed.
Happy birthday to my T.

Angie xxx

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7 thoughts on “19 years on

  1. It is a blessing that only a mother can know .. to watch her son grow from a wee baby to a strapping young man. And we stand there and wonder where they came from and we count our blessings that we had something to do with bringing them into this world. ❤
    Congrats to you both for 19 wonderful years of mother and son loves.
    You did well!!!


  2. Happy 19th to your handsome son! I can't yet quite imagine the feeling of one of my children being all grown up, before me, but it brings tears to my eyes each time I try. You must be so proud of him…and hopefully proud of yourself as well ❤


  3. Happy Birthday to your lovely son! I love that picture of you both, so sweet 🙂 I just don't know where the years go! I was also 18 when I first became a Mum. I had so many fears, was so worried I wasn't going to be good enough. And now she's going on 18 herself! Hope you all had a wonderful day!


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