Last night it rained. I love the sound of rumblings from the skies and as the rain drops fall on our roof I always get the feeling that all is being cleansed. It is soothing… comforting. 
The week has passed by and all I have had strength for was watching series. Game of Thrones and the beginning of Vikings which I have so enjoyed. (please forgive my heathen-born heart). But it’s time to start again.
Today I have plans. Plans to walk a little, to add a few more rows to my knit projects. To get out of my pjs and into something that feels more like I am living. I may, a little later in the day, make my way into the kitchen and try my hand at making fudge in the slow cooker. That really can’t be strenuous, can it? Adding all the ingredients and letting it all do its own thing. I’m sure the boys will be happier for it too.
Angie xxx
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