changing rooms

I have no clue as to where spring has  gone to. We seem to have stepped right in to the toasty days of mid summer around here. The boys have already had their first swim for the season and I keep watching and waiting for the last of that winter cold front that always sneaks up on us around the end of September into the beginning of October. But nothing….. just clear skies and that fiery hot sun shining all its vitamin sun rays down on  us. With thoughts of summer racing through our minds we know that inevitably there will soon be our summer rains. They are a blessing and a reprieve in the afternoons after a long blistering day.
Which bring us to our hen house. It’s time to move the gals and their roo to the other side of the coop. We spent the weekend doing just that. The hen house is divided into two. In the past we had the bunnies on the one side and the chooks on the other. Then the bunnies moved to a new home on a farm where there were many other bunnies. So when Mama Mavis had our first chick, dearest Fluffy-Butt she had the whole one side  to raise her safely away from the others. Now that Fluffy -Butt has grown and is part of the flock they all live happily together. I don’t see us having any more peeplings in the future so its time to move them all onto the left side. It is half covered with a thatch roof for shelter from the summer storms and gets beautiful sunshine through the mornings for them to go about their scratchings while soaking up the glorious vitamin sunshine. The right side.. well, we are working on filling up all the holes that the flock have scratched away at and then giving it a little make over for a new family member.
I’d say the gals are impressed and of  course got to scratching about as soon as we opened the inter-leading gate to start on the move. I do know that we may be short of an egg or two while they are nesting and settling into their new home. But, that’s ok, it will be worth the wait.
I may have in, conversation with the family, stated that I would like to add a little prettiness to our very rustic hen house by adding a few curtains to the nesting boxes. But, alas — the boys are dead against it! Should I just go ahead and do it – what do you all think? Do you think if I get enough raised hands in favour of new prettiness that I could stand trial and win?
Angie xxx

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