gone fishin’


We are in the swing of all things that include anything outside and throwing out the lines. With beautiful blue skies above and a soft breeze rippling off the dam, there is no better way to spend our morning. Well, that is, according to Rob and Garren.

Rob and I have been deep in conversation, for awhile now, about how we can bring a few more out door activities (on a frugal budget) into our daily lives. Camping was one, fishing another and more beach time. I also added that I would love to add a few trips to the night craft markets.

We meandered through Baynesfield Estate and found this lovely dam aptly named “Big Dam”. The water level was very low due to the dry spell we are having at the moment but that made for easy fish spying. The policy is catch and release which is perfect for this “big” little dam. Sadly no fish were caught but they were there teasing on the end of the lures which brought on great excitement. It was perfect for a little man to practice his casting. This was Garren’s third fishing trip. The previous times he loved the outing but I felt that all that time spent on the boat made for a very impatient and tired little lad. This trip we could not get him to reel in his line – Rob, as we all know, is a true fisherman at heart and to have a son who is showing signs of sharing this same passion made him ever so proud.

And me, myself and I…. well, this time I did not cast out my line. I found a beautiful Plain tree with umbrella branches filled with lush green leaves for shade and caught up on my favourite magazine.
I truly believe that, that Plain tree will be seeing me again in the not so distant future, maybe with our family tent, some camping chairs, a few more fishing rods and my knit projects.

love angie xxx


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