8 turns around the sun.

On a cold Winter’s morning at 6.40 this soul came Earthside. We have traveled eight times around the sun since then. I sit here and type this and think where has all that time gone. Did I live in each moment as I intended and promised him that morning he was born? I like to believe every minute was lived that way but as I look back and think… gasping with panic… surely not already EIGHT!!! And then, I have to remind myself that yes he is growing and yes I am riddled with all sorts of hormones which are mainly contributed by the belly at present.

Do you know that I was up and about before he even stirred this morning. And it was a late start as I had to make my way to the hospital for the last of the bloods and glucose testing, so the need to be at work didn’t matter today. He slept right through and didn’t budge. A sign of another year past and a new chapter for him with slightly different wants, needs and expectations. Eventually the Grandparents couldn’t hold out any longer and made their way through and awoke him.

He chose to spend the evening in our bedroom with us. I wonder how much longer he will want to do that?

He chose his favourite meal of macaroni and cheese (mom’s way) and his birthday cake of melted Bar One and Strawberries. All very specific and all with a slight tone of small adult poise. No “baby” birthday party this year but rather a gathering of something small and precise with just a handful of his best friends and just maybe a sleep over?

But, there is time for that. We are still in school holiday mode so operation very grown and big boy birthday gathering will commence at the end of the month.

There were NO toys to add to his coffers this year but rather a wrist watch with his name engraved on it and a few items of clothing. An art set to come when we make our way into to town this weekend, oh and a journal.. not a diary.. a journal. All precise, all thought out, all with purpose.

I cant wait to see what the next eight turns around the Sun will bring.


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