All the precious moments.

Don’t you all just love this time of the year when all the school photographs of your little souls get sent home?
I love the slightly skew tie and the wonky wisps of hair that have gone astray, with the slightly too long hair covering the ears (I’m surprised I never got a letter about that!) oh and the BEST of all – the happy cheesy handsome grin.
I only have a few more years left of these moments to share. Unless of course he humours me into his high school years. But, if he is anything like his older brothers, I really don’t stand a chance.
It seems the moment they walk through their High School gates all these kind of innocent fun memories to share fall away. They embrace this new adventure of their growing years as their own… And these little moments that I could be sharing are just a right ol’ pain in the butt for them.
You know what? I pretend to understand and I really do respect their wishes and let them be. So that dear ones is why there aren’t that many shares of the older brothers. I have been asked on numerous occasions what they are up to and they are both experiencing their adventures in their lives their way. And we all have to acknowledge and respect this.
Now then… we have 5 years left of sharing with this soul… yes I am counting the seconds…
And approximately 3 month to go to welcoming and sharing a new little life with you all.
That’s the way we will rock n roll around here.
Cherish all the precious moments….. the wonky wispy hair… the gorgeous cheesy grins…… and the fleeting childhood moments…

3 thoughts on “All the precious moments.

  1. What a handsome young man he is!!! Love the photo!! I was wondering how much longer we had to wait to see your sweet new baby. Thanks for answering that question!! LOL!! So glad you can sight see thru my blog. I feel the same way when I look at blogs from other parts of the world that I doubt I'll ever get to see in person. So wonderful!!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy


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