Rainbows and Ojo de Dios.

I have never really been one for bright colours. I find I’ve always gravitated toward the more natural greys and browns and of course plenty of black.

But, for some unknown reason there is something here. Don’t ask me how or why I decided that I’d use up all the bits n pieces of wool left over from various crochet projects that Oumie had and just keep knitting up a little lap blanket? It’s not quite finished, I am contemplating how to edge it. What do you think I should do?

As I went along I added colours to a couple of bamboo shoots from the forest and wound up the same colour inspiration for a bigger version of the God’s Eye, also known as Ojo de Dios, that have been keeping my hands busy through the last bit. They have been adding decor to our home and little gifts for special friends.

These little ones are made with bamboo skewer sticks and are a little more refined looking than the bulkier version on cut knobbly bamboo from our forest. I prefer the more rustic looking ones. I have loved the calm almost meditative trance I have gone into weaving them up. And, on the upside I have been using up all the little balls that gather and take up space. I’m sure Rob will be happy and may just fund a few new balls of wool on our next outing into town. He really doesn’t get it. Do your better half’s get it?

NOTE to self… dear self – selfies are not really your thing. But, in this instance I thought I’d like to share the size of this Ojo de Dios that will be accompanying my Rainbow chakra coloured inspired blanket. Sorry about the fuzziness…

joining up with the beautiful ladies over at nicole & ginny’s link up.


4 thoughts on “Rainbows and Ojo de Dios.

  1. Very colorful; I like lots of color in my projects too.

    My hubs does “get it” and is constantly funding my projects. He understands that a happy and content wife is better than a cranky bored wife 😉


  2. I used to make those when I was a little girl and would steal from my mom's yarn stash, I think she knew and approved but I did feel like I was sneaky getting the yarn.


  3. I love making those, yours look gorgeous. No my husband doesn't really get it either. He doesn't complain as such just makes a bit of a fuss and then forgets about it. I don't go yarn shopping that often tho' so maybe if I did there would be more of it!


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