Slow and grow.

The flu bug that has been circulating since the beginning of the season has finally caught me. I dont know if it had something to do with our little outing to Impendle last weekend. Or as with life.. things eventually catch up with you. Either way since Wednesday I have been totally and utterly fluish. Not quite the right time of the month either. Working in finance makes for month end to be the most important time of the month and I need to get the new newsletter out for our Season’d Kids Corner. I thought that just maybe the weekend would allow for that. But, after a meander around the backyard on friday evening, before it really was to cold to carry on, I decided that it would have to be an even slower weekend than planned. And, of course with Rob hovering around and checking in every few minutes to see that I was OK nothing too extravagant was going to take place.

When I talk of extravagance I talk of dabbling in the kitchen. Meandering through the bigger of the veggie gardens. And well you know… my extravagance. I did not get to stock the Home Stall with a few new more bars of homemade soap that had been planned and I had hoped to try out another bread recipe. This time Potbrood was on the cards. Rob, had planned to have a little family braai on Saturday evening and I thought that it would go well in the braai in our little potjie pot. Well, it was way to cold for my chest – and doctor Rob ordered me to the couch and he managed to feed and nourish us all without the help of… well me. 

I am blessed, really!

I did watch a few mindless girlie movies through the haze of the sinus congestion.. which is coming right with the help of my trusty tissue salts No’s 5 (Kali Mur – for colds, coughs and mucus congestion) and 8 (Mag Phos – for cramps, spasms or in my case headaches!) In severe cases, as I found myself in, I sucked on them every half hour. I added 2 drops Basil, 7 drops Eucalyptus and 1 drop Pepperment to my much loved “old fashion” essential oil burner and found the combination to be amazing giving instant relief. Not quite the happy aroma that a more citrus combination would add to the home, but it does give some clarity to the air around. oh and plenty of a variety of fresh vitamin C helped too.

I studied a little more on companion planting for Strawberries. I have the mind to start a bed in the bigger veggie garden just for them. I thought we could plant with bean teepees and if I find the right Rose add one too. The leaves of Strawberry aid in digestive problems, which I thought would be perfect for me. I have suffered so in the past. I seem to be fine during my pregnancy but I am not sure how it will be once baby is born. And well… Strawberries are just so delicious no wonder they are food for the Gods!

I also cast on for a little Knubblechen… I made one in bright milkshake pink for our god daughter just after she was born, which she snuggles up to every evening in her cot. I thought, our StarSeed could do with one too and since we have no idea what this little soul will be I thought a natural forest colour would be perfect. I love that it is shaped like a star. Stars are my protection sign – I may even add it as a child’s gift to my store.

I hope your weekend was beautiful and filled your kind of extravagance. Sending each and everyone of you happy.. loving… healthy juju for the new month of August my dear ones.


5 thoughts on “Slow and grow.

  1. Oh I do hope you feel better soon!! I hate feeling under the weather because that is when I am most motivated to do stuff around the house but don't have the energy. Your garden looks lovely 🙂


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