Monkey Scare Tactics – part one

Making use of all that we have around us we started on the first of our “scare monkey tactics”. So far so good but its when we are not at home that they come out in full force. So let’s see how this week fares shall we?

In other gardening news we got our basil, egg plant and lettuce seeds planted into pots, for now, while we sort through our scare monkey tactics and clear another bed for them. The weather was absolutely beautiful the whole weekend so we could focus on all things outdoors, absolute bliss I tell you. I cant wait to get more seeds in for the new season.

How are your gardens faring this time of the season? Do you have critters that you have to scare off from ruining your growings and harvests too?


3 thoughts on “Monkey Scare Tactics – part one

  1. I hope you win the monkey war! around here the rabbits, groundhogs and deer are the ones that eat crops. As you know I just let them eat away. I am lazy that way!


  2. We are very lucky because we have a fence around our yard otherwise the many deer that roam our neighborhood would be munching away. Other then that, we've been very lucky. Now it's just the lack of rain that is hurting our garden. : ( I would love to see a photo of a monkey in your yard!!! It truly blows my mind that you have them wandering around your garden!!! Lol!!! The only monkeys we have around here are in the zoos. LOL!!! Hope you're feeling well. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I love that you feel like you're visiting the states when you stop by!!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy


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